»We continuously develop our range of products to deliver additional value for customers.«
Gerhard Günther, Geschäftsführer/CTO
»Quality and reliability are the most important things in cooperation with our customers.«
Martin Berz, Geschäftsführer/CEO
»Qualified staff and reliable manufacturing processes achieve excellent quality.«
Martin Beyerle, Geschäftsführer/CPO

Produktionssysteme GmbH
Gewerbepark 2
87477 Sulzberg (See)
Tel +49/8376/929900
Fax +49/8376/9299020

Managing Directors
Martin J. Berz
Martin Beyerle
Gerhard Günther

Commercial register
Amtsgericht Kempten
HRB 6567

VAT registration number
DE 812533927

Conception, Screen Design
Mader Design, München

Photo credits
Hermann Rupp, Kempten
Manfred Mader, München
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Binary code: ©Georg Preissl #15768989
Cargo ship: ©Faraways #42601230M
Companionship: @DragonImages #57974634
Cruise ship: ©mariakraynova #88328795
Diver: ©skyphoto #2178940
Diver, wreck: ©Alexandre #211731
Fire: ©Giúclick #5226746
Fireman: ©Chrissgrey Rodriguez #814938
Stones: ©Zauberhut #814938
Tanker Illu: ©Dmitriy Rumyantsev #51038769
Tanker yellow: ©skyphoto #2178940
Sea wave (Beacon red, too): ©EpicStockMedia #52095427
Sea wave, Beacon yellow: ©SLDigi #8829710

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