»We continuously develop our range of products to deliver additional value for customers.«
Gerhard Günther, CTO

»Quality and reliability are the most important things in cooperation with our customers.«
Martin Berz, CEO

»Qualified staff and reliable manufacturing processes achieve excellent quality.«
Martin Beyerle, CPO

Wave of Success

Between 2007 and the end of 2015 alone, Novega equipped more than 30,000 large ships with underwater locating devices, making it the world‘s undisputed market and technological leader for ULDs in the maritime sector. This success confirms our expertise in developing and constructing acoustic beacons for underwater location operations. But most of all, it shows that Novega‘s locating devices stand for precision and reliability – even when exposed to extreme weather conditions at sea.

1998 Company formation
Martin J. Berz, Martin Beyerle and Gerhard Günther formed Novega Produktionssysteme GmbH.

1999 Insulation systems
Starting as a manufacturer of production systems for processing pulverulent specialty materials, Novega subsequently developed innovative high-temperature insulation systems.

2002 Protective capsules
Know-how acquired in manufacturing high-temperature insulation systems proved to be the key to constructing extremely robust protective data capsules.

2002 Black boxes
Novega‘s black boxes have been used in ocean-going vessels since 2002. To ensure safe retrieval after sinking, the company began building underwater locator beacons. 

2010 ULD market leader
Novega became global market leader for underwater locating devices (ULD) in the maritime sector. Today, more than 30,000 vessels sail the seas with Novega technology.

Core Competencies

Development and production of safety systems for the maritime and aviation industry.

Product Focus

Underwater Locator Beacons for voyage data recorders and black boxes.

Fertigung Acoustic Beacon